Neurology is the study of the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

Common symptoms a patient may experience after an accident may be problems with memory, attention and concentration, balance impairment, dizziness, loss of sense of smell or headaches. These are symptoms of a concussion and if they persist may be symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. A neurologist will assess you for concussion and brain injury.

Other symptoms a patient may experience include neck, middle or lower back pain with radiation of the pain into the arms or legs associated with numbness, tingling or weakness. These may be symptoms of disk protrusions in your spine. A neurologist is a specialist in assessing these problems and in determining whether the numbness and weakness is due to a problem in your spine or in the nerves in your arms or legs.

Common tests that are performed are MRIs of the brain and spine, Neuropsychology testing to evaluate for cognitive deficits and EMG/NCV ( electromyography/ nerve conduction velocity) testing.

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