Headaches can range from mildly annoying to truly debilitating. Up to 90 percent of Americans suffer headaches of some sort during their lives.

When you suffer an accident or injury that causes long-lasting disability or requires extensive treatment, there are many options available for recovery. While some people are able to recuperate on their own, others require professional help to get better.

When you are injured in an accident or due to chronic illness, the recuperation time can seem eternal and many patients look for alternative therapies. It is important in these cases to remain patient and work closely with your pain management team to continue your treatment plan.

Orthopedic surgery is a term used to explain a variety of procedures that treat muscular and skeletal conditions using both surgical and non-surgical methods. It is usually recommended for the restoration or preservation of functionality in the spine or limbs.

Everyone knows that physical therapy happens when you get hurt playing sports or doing heavy lifting, and a doctor or healthcare professional puts you through the paces to get your body working right again.

Your spine is a complicated but vital part of your body. It is sort of like a central junction box for your nervous system, where all of your nerves connect from your body to your brain. It also holds a major function regarding your flexibility, ability to bend and stretch, and even walk upright.

Chiropractic services are growing in popularity among Americans, with almost 50 percent of all adults across the United States having visited a chiropractor at some point.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an extremely common disease which affects 1.3 million Americans. This condition is vastly misunderstood and is often confused with osteoarthritis.

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury that affects the way in which the brain functions. These are most commonly caused by a blow to the head during participation in a contact sport, or a fall, but can also be caused by violent shaking of the head or upper body.

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