Visiting your new primary physician for the first time can be an intimidating appointment, especially if you have been diagnosed with numerous medical conditions. This is the beginning of an important relationship.

If you were involved in a traumatic accident and are experiencing moderate to severe pain and discomfort in your neck, you might have whiplash. Since whiplash is a common affliction within the Las Vegas population and the surrounding areas, many people choose to ignore their symptoms until they disappear altogether.

Do you remember your grandmother nagging about your slouching? She never missed one slump of your shoulders, especially at the dinner table. You would roll your eyes and obstinately correct your poor posture—for a moment.

Back pain has the potential to hold you back in many areas of your life. It can affect everything from your goals of having unforgettable adventures to your personal relationships.

Chronic pain can make getting through your day-to-day life difficult and hold you back from the things that you really want to do. Since there are so many secondary issues associated with pain, it can be a real challenge to address.

The relationship between your brain and your behavior is known as neuropsychology. Evaluations are conducted under the professional eyes of neuropsychologists—doctors who specialize in brain function and activity.

Joints are one of those body parts that most people do not normally think about until they start causing issues. They are not like the heart or your brain, a component that you are taught to care for from the time you are in diapers, but they are some of the most important pieces of your bodily puzzle.

Injuries are unfortunate occurrences that leave many out of work, in pain or permanently disabled.

Search engines and social media are both a blessing and a curse. It is easy to hop online and self-diagnose your neck and back pain five minutes later as nothing more than a “normal” occurrence.

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