Everyone knows that chiropractors can be veritable “miracle workers” when it comes to back or neck pain, but their abilities to heal extend far beyond relieving posture problems and chronic discomfort. Chiropractic practices have become adept over the years at addressing all sorts of conditions, many of which happen to plague millions of Americans.

Here are some of the less known ways that a chiropractic visit can improve your daily life:

1. Boost Immune System Response and Lessen Allergy Symptoms

For your immune system to work properly, your body and your mind must be in perfect sync. Since the brain sends nerve signals through the spine, improper spinal alignment can lead to delayed communication and reduced functionality.

Worse, inflammation caused by spinal and neck pressure can severely inhibit immune system functions. Upper cervical joint irritation has been shown to lead to allergic or asthmatic symptoms all on its own.

Spinal decompression and upper back adjustments can help relieve these symptoms.

2. Improved Digestion

Your nervous system also helps your body control its digestive functions. Adjustments can improve your nerve pathways and eliminate problems stemming from excess digestive acid production.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

An Atlas adjustment, which targets the nerves located in the upper neck, has been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure. One study in particular compared the effect to taking a “double dose of blood pressure medicine.”

4. Better Energy and Improved Mood

While chiropractic treatment by itself will not be able to change your mental state, it can help relieve many of the symptoms that result from anxiety or depression.

People suffering from anxiety or depression often carry tension in their necks, shoulders and overall posture. Adjustments can free up nerve pathways and joint movement that has become inhibited over time.

With renewed flexibility and reduced pain often comes a better outlook and relief from many of the problems caused by anxiousness. Clients who take steps to improve their posture and undergo regular adjustments can help control the bodily symptoms that manifest themselves as a result of their condition. Some patients even report being able to sleep better.

5. Encourage a Healthier Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body begins to make some drastic changes. Ligaments located near pelvic bones start to loosen, and weight shifts more to the core to accommodate the growing baby.

These differences often create pressure along the spine, leading to pain and unhealthy joint movement. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve these problems and potentially make pregnancy and even birth easier for both mother and baby.

As you can see, there are countless reasons that a chiropractic visit can have you smiling again. Visit our services page to learn more, including how to book an appointment today.

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