How often have we heard someone say, “I’ll get checked out if I don’t feel good,” or “I’m fine; there’s no reason to visit the doctor”? These platitudes are all-too-common among adults and young adults, and they’re frankly dangerous attitudes.

There are a host of explanations why waiting until you feel unwell to see the primary care professional is a bad idea. Here are five reasons why you should see your primary care professional on a regular basis.


Just like any machine, your body needs routine maintenance. Your PCP’s job is not just to treat injuries and get you well when you’re sick. In fact, most primary care professionals will readily say that they prefer to keep you from getting ill in the first place. Seeing a primary care professional for regular check-ups will help keep your schedule of vaccinations and screenings steady and can catch signs of approaching problems before they get serious.

Know Your Health

You may joke that you didn’t have diabetes before you went to your PCP, but the truth is, going on a regular basis will keep you up to date on any and all health conditions. It’s always a good idea to know your blood sugar levels, your cholesterol levels, your blood pressure and other important numbers so that you can stay on top of any burgeoning health issues.

This will help you to make sure that you continue to feel healthy. Your primary care professional didn’t give you diabetes, but she can certainly help you prevent and control it!

A Medical History

In the event that you are injured or become seriously ill, having a detailed medical history can play a vital role in saving your life and getting you well again. The only way to build a medical history is by visiting your primary care professional. All those maintenance and screening procedures will go into your file and can be reviewed at a moment’s notice to be sure that you don’t get the wrong medication or that any special considerations are followed.

A Relationship of Trust

You have to trust your primary care professional. This is a man or woman into whose hands you have placed your life, health and well-being. You need to know that if the primary care professional says you need surgery, they’re acting in your best interest. The only way to have this kind of trust is to build a relationship, which requires regular visits.

You Pay for It Anyway

Now that everyone is required to possess medical coverage, you’re paying for those office visits with your monthly premium! Not using them is tantamount to throwing away money or wasting a government subsidy. The worst you may have to pay out of pocket is your copay, which should be relatively small considering we’re talking about once or twice per year. Since you’re paying anyway, why would you not take advantage of such an important perk?

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